The Soup spoon

Interesting concept that I stumble upon…. Even though soup and soup bread and pot pie had been around for sometime…. Nvr thought someone could make it the main dish and everything around it….… Continue reading

Village park Nasi Lemak

The place for the best ever Nasi Lemak in Malaysia…. A spot that every our prime minister and every other ministers from the present and the past come to dine in… It is… Continue reading

HOMI curry pap

This little stall at the ground floor of Midvalley sells one of my favorite most curry pap… Awesome sizing and soft melts in your mouth potatoe curry inside… Cost about RM 2.70 each… Continue reading

Amarin Thai restaurant

This little restaurant tucked away as one if the units in Midvalley KL… A very nice ambience with good authentic Thai food…. Variety of the common Thai dishes can be ordered I had… Continue reading

Fruitaste : taste of home recipes

One of a kind fruit everything shop…. U can have ur nice awesome steamboat with a base of fruit soup… Several choices Tom yam Sweet soup: apple pineapple Sweet sour soup: star fruit… Continue reading

Hock Gee Ulu yam restaurant

This little place in Setia Alam is just an awesome food place representing the authenticity of the Ulu yam signature dishes…. Just a blast for ur palate… Signature Loh Mee, to be eaten… Continue reading

Jaya Chinese restaurant

This was a very very old place relocated at a new area… When I was a kid every Sunday after Sunday Buddhist school my aunt will bring me here to eat previously located… Continue reading

Tea garden

All is Malaysian food here for ur choosing…. Very tastefully variety and delicious option…. Pricing is fairly ok though little pricey for local food…. Could be less…. Well u will have to pay… Continue reading

Le meridian Italian house of cuisine

Faviola!!! Italian cuisine fine dining in Le meridian hotel…. Authentic Italian food, as authentic as it can be…. From choices of pizza to bread to desert… Heavenly taste that burns ur pocket too… Continue reading

Al shaibani Arabic food

Of all the middle eastern food I had tried this is apparently the most worth of money and also tasty…. Despite Arabic food are rather flat, this place brings out the strong smell… Continue reading